Exhaust conversion

Why should you swap the standard exhaust system for an accessory exhaust system when you can conjure up a great, powerful and robust sound from the original exhaust system?

Especially if the respective vehicle already has a flap exhaust system as standard, processing the exhaust system is even more interesting!

The advantages of machining are obvious:

  • Cheaper than a new accessory system
  • The conversion is generally not visible
  • Improved exhaust gas routing

  • The emissions values at the AU are retained

  • The original look of the exhaust system is retained

  • With closed flap / s series sound and volume

  • With the flap / s open, we achieve a powerful, great sound

We offer individual processing of the exhaust system for all vehicles with a standard flap system. Both with the flap closed and with the flap open, the sound can be adjusted as desired.

We only use the highest quality stainless steel from Germany and insulation material from well-known manufacturers.

One exhaust - two different types of sound and volume.

After working on the exhaust system, we always recommend flap control with remote control.

This gives you the option of manually controlling your flap (s) at the push of a button.

A very sensible investment, especially for a cold start in the early morning or for longer motorway journeys.

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