TIG welding

TIG welding

Why is every component welded with TIG? The process is significantly more expensive, more complex and slower to weld than all other processes?

The TIG welding process is considered the supreme discipline among welders, with this process any metal can be welded. The possibilities are endless and a science in itself.

A particular advantage of TIG welding is that you do not work with a consumable electrode. The addition of filler metal and the amperage are therefore decoupled. The welder can optimally adjust his welding current to the welding task and only has to add as much welding filler as is currently required.

In TIG welding, you can work both with and without additional material. As with gas fusion welding, rod-shaped additives are usually used for manual welding. However, confusion with the welding rods must be avoided at all costs, since the chemical compositions differ.

Due to the relatively low and small-scale heat input, the welding distortion of the workpieces is lower than with other processes. Because of the high weld seam quality, the TIG process is preferably used where quality is more important than welding speed.