Is it also possible to ship an exhaust system?

If the way is too far for you, you can also conveniently send us your exhaust system. As soon as your package arrives, we will start the renovation immediately. As a rule, your exhaust system will be on its way to you again after 48 hours. Very uncomplicated and quick. We generally ship with DHL.

What does a conversion cost?

Our prices are always based on effort and material costs. Depending on the sound level and vehicle model, a conversion can take 4 hours or 10 hours. The whole thing is as individual as every vehicle and every sound level. We would be happy to make you an offer for you and your vehicle. You don't know exactly what you want or what is possible with your vehicle model? Take advantage of that contact form ! We will take care of every concern as soon as possible.

Can I also have a flap exhaust system converted by you?

If you have already installed a flap exhaust system in your car as standard, we have the option of converting the exhaust system much better. The whole thing is of course more complex, but the effect between the open and closed flap will be significantly greater after processing. If you do not have a flap exhaust system as standard, we can in most cases provide the standard exhaust with a flap. But the whole thing is often very complex and the material costs are significantly higher than with a normal conversion. Just write us a message with your ideas and we will take care of the rest.

In addition, we can make the standard flap control remotely controllable using an additional control device. You can easily switch between "flap open" and "flap closed" by remote control.

Exhaust systems

In principle there are two different types of silencers. A distinction is made between chamber and absorption silencers. In series vehicles, a mixture of both systems is usually used in order to achieve the highest possible level of noise reduction. Often the middle silencer is an absorption silencer and the rear silencer a mixture of reflection and absorption silencer.

Disadvantages of this principle are, especially in turbo vehicles, heat build-up inside the silencer and a performance-reducing exhaust gas back pressure.

Theoretically, you can convert a silencer to an absorption silencer or continuous pipes, depending on the sound you want.

A roar is a disturbing noise inside the vehicle. This can be caused, among other things, by a lack of silencers. The processing of the center muffler can sometimes cause a slight roar in the interior. However, this differs from vehicle to vehicle. A Scirocco, for example, is also significantly less insulated than a 5 Series BMW.