Alpha Control Porsche Panamera S 970

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No additional ground or terminal 15 required.

The flap control is simply plugged in between.

With our Alpha Control flap control you have the option of controlling the flap of your exhaust system independently of the engine control unit.

It is operated using the supplied remote control.

You can choose between two different modes:

Sport mode: In sport mode, the flap is permanently open, regardless of the speed, engine speed or load.

Both stationary and while driving.

Series mode: In series mode, the engine control unit opens and closes the flap in the exhaust depending on the load, engine speed and speed.

No intervention in the CAN bus

The CAN bus is responsible for many safety-related functions such as airbags, braking and steering systems, etc. and remains untouched.

100% plug and play

With our vehicle-specific cables and plugs, the Alpha Control can be installed quickly and easily.

100% invisible

Our flap control is installed hidden in the vehicle interior.

Nothing needs to be changed on the vehicle, retrofitting is just as easy as installation and therefore also ideal for leasing vehicles.

In addition, no error message is stored in the error memory.

100% Made in Germany

We only use the highest quality components and connectors from well-known manufacturers for our Alpha Control.

NEW - program your start setting yourself!

Every Alpha Control flap control is delivered in comfort mode.

From now on you can choose the start mode yourself at any time after installation.

And this is how it works:

Start your vehicle.

Hold the button pressed for 8 seconds, in which the flap control should start.

After successfully learning your desired start mode, the Alpha Control confirms this by moving the flap in the exhaust three times.

Now you have saved your individual start mode permanently.

You can change the start mode at any time with these instructions.

Scope of delivery

- Alpha Control flap control

- remote control

- mounting hardware


No approval according to StVO !

For use in racing only !

When driving under full load, the flap must not be completely closed!

Installation and use at your own risk and responsibility!